Free Enneagram Compatibility Test: What Type Should You Date?

Discovering your personality type helps you to become conscious of your behavior — both positive and negative. Once you shine the light on your unconscious, you then have a choice about how you respond to the stresses of life. Learning about the type of the person you love gives you suggestions as to how you can love them, support them, encourage them, and help to bring out the best in themselves. Most importantly, it can help you to communicate with them better. All you have to do is have him take the Enneagram test! If your special man is not open to studying the Enneagram, you can make an educated guess as to what type he is. But remember this it’s only a guess.

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Nov 12, Community Life 3 comments. As our friendship grew, we learned a lot about one another and how to make the friendship last and one of our greatest tools was the Enneagram. The popular Enneagram assessment helps you identify with one of nine personality types that reveal patterns and motivations for your day-to-day health. To serve you and your friendships, we have created summaries to continue your growth as a friend and your ability to love your friends well.

Ones, you are instinctively loyal, reliable and someone your friends can count on to be honest and authentic with them.

Discover the Enneagram type that is most compatible with your personality using our Free Enneagram Compatibility Test. No email sign-up.

Featured below is a clickable table linking to 45 possible combinations of Enneagram types in relationship with each other. These combinations allow us to see deeply within our own character structure and assist us in developing healthy relationships with our partner, family members, friends, clients and co-workers. These combinations can help us gain insight and a deeper sense of ourselves and others, which leads to compassion.

Explore the table above, featuring the 45 combinations of Enneagram type relationship s. Before visiting the various Matrix pairings, review the instructions and background information below. Within each of the combinations, I explore the relationship dynamics of each type with every other type, placing an emphasis on the circle of conflict that naturally occurs between the types and how this circle can lead to relationship distress and disruption.

I present how each type can support each other to create a relationship that flourishes rather than flounders. This includes: 1 what we each need to acknowledge or own about ourselves; 2 what we need to appreciate about the other; and 3 the key awarenesses and tasks for building and sustaining the relationship. When these three facets are adopted, it virtually guarantees that the relationship will thrive. To begin with, each of us is unique. No one of us expresses the range of concerns and aptitudes characterized by our type in exactly the same way.

Influences of connected types provide different flavorings to each type. For example a Type 8, the Protector, with a strong influence from its neighbor Type 7, the Epicure, will look different than a Type 8 with a strong link to its neighbor Type 9, the Mediator. More self-mastered individuals will behave differently than those with less self-mastery.

The Enneagram Personality Types in Relationships — Intimacy and Compatibility

Don’t take too personally: Their critical or judgmental attitude. To create rapport: Respect their integrity and take things seriously. Try to avoid: Making agreements that you may not keep; ignoring traditional good manners.

Once you discover your Enneagram type, it can also help you determine what your ideal Check out their Enneagram compatibility guide here! The 10 Types of Relationships Every Woman Has Before She Turns

Ones are perfectionists. They strive to be the very best and for them, nothing will be good enough. They are consistent and responsible and those attributes help them on their journey to perfection. Twos are selfless beings. They are so loving, warm, and welcoming and usually put others before themselves. They want to help people more than anything else.

This is a dependable relationship.

The Enneagram in Relationships

The Enneagram is a categorization of personality types based on how people perceive and respond to the world and information they gather, as well their own emotions. This describes 9 different enneagram or personality types, and each one possesses certain core beliefs which are what drives them. These beliefs drive each type and also can be limiting at times, which is why understanding them is so important.

It also helps to gain a deeper understanding of what motivates the people around you, and helps to comprehend why they contradict themselves at times. Knowing the enneagram gives a clearer sense of these inner motivations and even fears.

To learn more about the compatibility issues of your type and its interactions with other types, find your personality type below, and click on the type for the other.

One of the things I love most about the Enneagram is that it gifts humanity a common language. With the Enneagram, we open ourselves up to awareness. No longer do we view the world through a narrow lens. Instead of demanding that others see and do things as we see fit, we learn to celebrate each individual number. Moreover, we gift one another permission to engage in relationships as our most authentic selves, moving beyond accusations and combative language in conflict.

In doing all of this, we can experience deeper connections and thrive together. Not sure what number you are? Start here. Then check out our productivity tips for each Enneagram number. Their greatest fear is that they are innately bad; thus, they are always striving to improve themselves. In relationships, healthy Ones are fun, carefree, and easy-going individuals. While still driven by perfection, they have more grace for themselves and others.


There are many signs to look for when you’re trying to suss out whether a relationship — whether romantic, platonic, or work-related — is going to be a a successful one. Some may look to the stars while others analyze personality types for insight on the likelihood of or lack thereof compatibility. If you’re in the latter category, one source for learning more about yourself or another person is the Enneagram test. But can it give you clues as to which Enneagram types are most compatible?

The Zoe Report consulted with a few experts on what you can and can’t learn from the test — and the results may not be what you expected. If you’re not familiar with the Enneagram test, or haven’t yet taken one, it’s probably most helpful to start by explaining what it is, and what it can reveal about you or someone else.

Type 9 First date M. Circle one for each category or put in your own Enneagram & Coffee on Instagram: “Every once in a while we get a submission for a post that we just can’t ignore! The Compatibility of Enneagram Types in Love.

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Which Enneagram Types Are Most Compatible? Experts Offer A Surprising Response

And since love comes in all shapes, sizes and colors, it makes sense that the nine Enneagram personality types will be looking at love and their significant others in nine very different ways. What pulls on your heartstrings, based on your Enneagram type? Read on to find out what you secretly want from love. Instead of adding another task to your to-do list e. What you want: The reassurance of stability paired with radical and in-your-face honesty.

But what about when you experience it the other way around?

Your Enneagram Can Tell You If Your Date Is Actually Your Soulmate. Facebook you can take to determine whether or not you’re compatible.

Determining your Enneagram type is a process of self-discovery. While two types may look alike, when we examine them more carefully, we see that their motivations and concerns are quite different. This helps differentiate between them. Both types also suppress or repress their own needs and desires. Although both strive for self-sufficiency and independence, Givers are very relationship-oriented, and often find themselves over-connected and even indispensable to others.

Performers are more driven to succeed and will change their approach, even cutting corners if necessary, to reach their goal and be recognized for their accomplishments. Both often express idealism, intensity, sensitivity, integrity, authenticity, self-reproach and a concern for self-improvement. Additionally, Perfectionists generally are self-restrained and suppress personal desires, while Romantics experience strong longings and desires, sometimes to the point of self-absorption.

Observers detach from feelings to protect themselves from being intruded upon, usually displaying a calm exterior, and to conserve energy. Perfectionists, by judging and comparing, try to figure out how to prevent mistakes or to correct what is wrong to avoid self-criticism and criticism from others. Both are idealists who want a better world, show intensity and helpfulness, and value self-reliance.

In contrast, Epicures spurn limits, seek out pleasures, and are fun-loving and expansive. In contrast, Protectors state their truth openly, express their anger directly, and go from urge to action easily.

Top Relationship Pairings in Enneagram: What’s Your Soulmate’s Type?

Whether you prefer something cute and playful to determine your cookie personality , or something more in-depth like the Myers-Briggs test, they all provide some great insight into who we are. Another lesser known but extremely informative personality test is called the Enneagram. The Enneagram is a nine-pointed chart that represents nine different and distinct personalities and can help individuals identify their hidden strengths.

Enneagram type Sixes are driven by the need to feel safe and secure in their everyday lives, while Sevens are motivated by a deep need to be satisfied and.

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Your Enneagram Type Can Determine How You Fall In Love

People are willing to spend quantities of money on therapy, books, dating sites that sort compatibility, workshops that promise to help you better understand and untangle relationships to find the perfect mate. Relationships occupy a huge part of our time, focus and attention. This holds true for business partnerships, people we hire to work for us and friends as well.

Another factor that affects who we choose and attract may have something to do with our stage of development in life. Her second husband was a Type 8, Boss.

Learn more on our Enneagram Type Comparisons page. seeing worst-case possibilities and pitfalls, while Epicures put a positive spin on their experiences.

What makes one person attractive to another? Do we choose mates that are similar to ourselves, or do we need differences to ignite the romantic spark? Which types fit best with which other types? This page shows some of my research into this question. The table below shows the frequency of all 81 combinations of Enneagram-type marriages.

There are couples in this study. Some combinations are strikingly more common than chance, and are highlighted in red 1 or 2 standard deviations above chance. Some combinations are much rarer than expected by chance, and these are shaded in gray. Table of Enneagram Marriage Frequencies. Note: because the color indicates frequency relative to chance, some red or pink cells may be numerically smaller than cells not highlighted.

Marriage patterns are not random. There are a lot of such pairings that happen at far above chance levels.

Enneagram types that are compatible (part 1)

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